Deputy Represents HCSO at Fourth of July Parade in Washington D.C. Published by Harris County Sherif

4th of July 2015

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was honored as a special guest on the Sikhs of America float in the Fourth of July Parade in Washington, D.C.

The mission of Sikhs in America is to raise awareness, share cultural and historical Sikh values while creating a bond between Sikh Americans and America as a whole.

The organization recognized the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for allowing Deputy Dhaliwal to serve Harris County while maintaining his faith (turban and beard).

Deputy Dhaliwal was also recognized for his contribution as a law enforcement officer and his positive influence on the youth and community members all over the United States.

Patrol Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, a Sikh American who joined the Sheriff’s Office six years ago, is the first to be allowed to wear a dastaar and beard when in full HCSO uniform – both are articles of faith of the Sikh religion.


Signifying their commitment to their faith, Sikhs do not cut their hair, and Sikh men and women cover their heads with turbans. These articles of faith represent a Sikh’s commitment to equality, service, and justice.

Deputy Represents HCSO at Fouth of July Parade

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